Superior Turfgrass Services

Turfgrass is a welcome addition to any estate or property, be it for residential or commercial. At Ramone's Landscape + Design, we encourage you to think about these questions prior to our FREE consultation, so we can advise you properly what turfgrass would be best for your lawn.

For what purpose will the turf be used? In a baseball field, volleyball court, or mini golf area? How much turf area do you need to cover? How quickly must it be usable? Where will your grass be planted? Is it mostly sunny or do you have enough shade? How much money, time and effort are you willing to spend?

Low Maintenance Grass

  • Zoysia sod
  • Bermuda sod
  • Centipede sod
  • St. Augustine sod
  • Argentine Bahia grass
  • Pensacola Bahia grass

Florida Turfgrass Experts

  • Affordable prices
  • Seeding and sodding
  • Annuals and perennials
  • Ornamental tree planting
  • Deer-resistant trees
  • Design assistance
  • Grading
We provide sod delivery, installation, and irrigation services to help you improve the appearance of your home or office while creating a sustainable landscape. We offer only competitive prices, reliable services, and high-quality products.
We offer FREE estimates.
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We offer a 1-month warranty with proper maintenance for sods (Not responsible for Mother Nature).
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